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Music License Articles

Below are a collection of articles pertaining to Royalty Free Music. They contain clarity for some common misunderstandings, and offer helpful suggestions.

To learn more about a topic, just click on an article below. We want to provide helpful information here which is easy to understand. If you have any suggestions about these articles, or would like to see an article added which is not present, please use our Contact Us form to send us your comments/suggestions.

Our Music License Agreement

Table of Contents

What Exactly is Royalty Free Music?
A look at the use of the term "Royalty Free Music", its history, and what it means to you.

Royalty Free Music & Needle Drop
How these two types of licenses differ from each other.

Music Licenses & Copyrights
Copyrights and the various music licenses needed to use music.

What is a Cue Sheet?
An explanation of Cue Sheets and when they are needed.

What are Performing Rights Organizations?
An explanation of Performing Rights Organizations and links to their sites.

Music Supplier Sources Compared
A list of various sources to license music each with pros and cons.

Production Music Uses
A list of various types of uses and industries who can benefit from using music.

Why Would I Need a Production Music Library?
You already have access to a huge production music library,
just click on a category from our Home Page.