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Royalty Free Music Loops

Music Loop Power Pack
Royalty Free Music
156 Loops in Package


Music loop library for use in YOUR productions. Download today, use today. We have a very generous Music License which will provided lifetime use of this music for your productions at a very reasonable price.

Being "loops", the soundtracks to YOUR productions can be as long or as short as YOU need them to be. Just repeat the music over and over again (Loop) using whatever method your software uses to create music loops. Then, simply fade out the end. PRESTO! You have the perfectly timed underscore in seconds.

Our loops remain "fresh" sounding. Loops in package vary in length from a few seconds to around a minute to provide underscore for your projects that does NOT become monotonous.

Hear ALL 156 Loops in Package

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Download $39.95
30 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • 156 Music Loops
  • Royalty Free Use
  • Generous License
  • Download NOW!
  • MP3 Format
  • Easy to Loop

See Track List


About Playing Demos

Just click a style/category of music to hear every track you'll find in that category. Each sound file can be looped infinitely when you download the full package. Demos show a portion of each loop/track and fade into each other for demonstration purposes.



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